Santa claus in Mülheim, my room

special thanks to miss er, next time party we have candle already.

this is d magnet i receive from my friends..shows scenery in Scotland!

this is d hand warmer! i didn't notice d price when i receive really expensive and feel too pity to my friend who present me!

miss cucu leave one shampoo and some cooking stuff to me.

Kent share the story of the dog on d chocolate box. it is about how the dog shows loyalty to its owner....

it is really cute and i guess i will bring back this box to Malaysia and put all my important belongings inside.

i will take my certificate and this box 1st if any emergency such as fire or flood occur in my room..

forget to say, this is special chocolate from Scotland. it leave 3 pieces only after i share it with my Africa black neighbor when i return him plate and bowl i borrow.^^

by the way, i have also share the chocolate from Belgium to my course mate. feel content when sharing.^^ whoever want try please tell me early, not leave much ...hohoho......^^